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Dimensions Reflected

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Dimensions Reflected – Perspective

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Excerpt from the Review

The 7th International Conference MoNGgeometrija 2020 is organized and supported by Serbian Society for Geometry and Graphics (SUGIG) and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade.  Since SUGIG considers geometry and graphics to be the universal languages of science, technics and all visual arts, the conference offers the wide range of topics which found their expression through the special Exhibition of ideas, designs and models under the name “Dimensions Reflected.”
– – – –
The Exhibition discloses and emphasizes the inspiring and fruitful influence of geometry on art, and at the same time the correlation between scientific exactness and poetics of visual arts. This Exhibition assures us that geometry is not only the seed and the core of many different branches of science and techniques, but also the root of aesthetic postulates, clearly recognizable in the works of artists, architects, and designers. Despite the fact that geometry is a primeval knowledge and wisdom, its power does not fade or vanish through the time, but increases its strength and authority through contemporary arts and crafts. Thus, the Exhibition exposes and confirms the importance of geometric comprehension through contributions in various scientific, engineering, and artistic fields, as well as through enhancing this precious base by means of modern digital techniques and technologies.
– – – –
Finally, I would like to commend this exhibition of works of art, its participants and organizers, and recommend it to everyone, especially to those who study and appreciate geometry, visual arts and other areas of visual communication. I would like to encourage all organizers of the International Conference MoNGgeometrija to make such exhibitions as an indispensable part of their scientific meetings.

Dr Branislav Popkonstantinović, Full professor
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade

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