Accepted submissions

A lot of wonderful works from around the world have been sent to us, despite the difficult situation that affects us all.

We wish to thank you for applying for the Exhibition.

The  Selection Committee did a great and very thorough job of evaluating the entries and pointing out the best ones from a multitude of excellent applications. The criterion for acceptance the of works is that the submission has the lowest average grade: 13 (by 9 reviewers, 117 points overall).

We are pleased to announce the awarded submissions:

The MAIN category


FIRST AWARD: TriX Modular Toy
Vladimir Zagorac

SECOND AWARD: Free-form Circular Mesh System for Concrete 3D Printing
Zlata Tošić, Martin Friedrich Eichenauer, Daniel Lordick and Sonja Krasić

THIRD AWARD: Deltahedral Column Capitals
Marija Obradović

SPECIAL MENTION: Weberian Focal-directorial Surface of Cassini’s Type  
Marko Vučić, Marko Jovanović, Maja Petrović, Radovan Štulić, Branko Malešević


Clamshell pavilion  
Marko Vučić et al.

Perforated Panel for Daylighting Control
Nikoleta Stamenković and Marko Jovanović

Parametric Modeling of the Church in the Studenica
Jelena Bogdanović et al.

Design of the realized solar race car Emilia 4, for the national Italian team Onda Solare
Marko Luković

Cardboard Design CARTORAMA     
Tijana Sekulić et al.

4- and 5-dimensional regular solids move in the computer 2-screen with visibility effects
Emil Molnar, István Prok and Jenő Szirmai,

Parametric Model of a Rectangular Flat Vault 
Teodora Nikolić et al.

The Building Phases of Cologne Cathedral and its Predecessors (with a Special on Inner Choir 1856)
Dominik Lengyel and Catherine Toulouse

Miljan Stevanović

Spiraling Sea
Iva Kodrnja.

PERSPECTIVE the Students and Educational category


FIRST AWARD in the Student & Educational category: (Word + Flood) x 164
Kazmy Chi Muñoz

SPECIAL MENTION in the Student & Educational category: Planar Morphing Tessellation
Radmila Durašinović and Marko Jovanović


Galery – Hyperbolic paraboloid
Petar Boranijašević

Ruled Surface Fence
Isidora Ristovski and Biljana Branković

Waterbomb pavilion
David Danji and Emeše B. Varga

Exibition Space
Martin Stojančov

Module and space
Mirjana Milakić et al.

Shape Design
Marijana Paunović

An additional students’ task at Descriptive Geometry
Magdalena Dragović et al.

Hexagonal pavement with attractor based scaling and gradient
Aleksandar Lesmajster

FE Pavilion
Uroš Antić

The full list of all accepted submissions can also be found in the first attachment below.
The overall rating of the Selection Committee can be found in the second attachment below.
The participants can also find a poster template in .pdf format. in the third attachment below.

Please register to confirm your participation. One registration fee covers the exhibition of one entry. Poster printing and publication in exhibition catalog is included in the exhibition registration fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will contact you in a few days with detailed instructions on formatting your submissions. By then it will be known for sure whether the MoNGeometrija 2020 conference will be regular or virtual, due to the unpredictable development of the situation related to the COVID ’19 pandemic. In any case, the Exhibition will occur, so you can start preparing your final submissions.

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