About Exibition

Geometry, as one of the oldest scientific disciplines has, since ancient times, been immanent not only to building design, but also to numerous artistic and scientific achievements. As a language which articulates space and form, it is a testament to intelligent thinking and one of the most lucid faculties of the human mind. As the root of aesthetic postulates, it is clearly recognized in the works of artists, architects, designers and engineers. As speech of accuracy, regularity and precision, it is the foundation of many scientific solutions. And as an impetus to contemporary graphic disciplines, geometry is still ubiquitous in shaping and presenting the world around us. 

The exhibition Dimensions Reflected aims to show the importance of geometric mastery through contributions in various scientific, engineering, applied and artistic fields, as well as through upgrading this valuable base by means of modern digital techniques and technologies.

Call for designs is open until June 7th, 2020.

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